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Tarot meaning

Justice is the eleventh card of the tarot deck. Justice is all about righteousness. If you do right, good things will happen. If you do bad, bad things will happen. If you do good, you will be rewarded! You can do this by taking responsibility and listen to your common sense. It is very important to be honest. Be honest to yourself and be honest to your loved ones. Justice symbolizes a time where common sense is more important than your feelings.

Opportunity Be honest 
Responsibility Common sense 

Career tarot

There's the opportunity to make a big step in your career. Or if you're looking for a (new) career, you might find one soon. There's one important thing: Be honest and fair. If you do not take responsibility and you don't act sincere, things will work against you and it'll get worse! Remember the name of this card: justice. If you do good, good things will happen. If you do bad, bad things will happen.

Opportunity Be honest Responsibility 

Love tarot

This time it's not the heart you have to listen to. Use your common sense, even though it's about love. Remember that if you do good, good things will happen in your relationship. If you do bad, bad things will happen. Treat your partner right and he/she will give a lot in return! Take responsibility and even though your relationship might be stuck, it'll improve if you do right.

Be honest Responsibility Common sense 

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