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fortune teller games

Here you can find all interesting fortune teller games that you can play. They require your name or birthdate to predict anything you want, from babynames to date of death

Celebrity love math

Celebrity love match

Are you in love with a celebrity? How well does he/she matches with your personality? Find out if he or she matches with you! We can also predict which celebrity matches your personality the best. Which celebrity could be your lover? All based on your horoscope sign!

Celebrity love match
Baby names

Baby names

Are you expecting a baby soon? Do you already have a name? Do you already happen to know the gender? What is the perfect name for your baby? Find it out right here! If you're looking for a name for your baby you should definitely try out this predictor!

Baby name
baby boy or girl

Baby boy or girl

Do you wonder if you're getting a boy or a girl? We will predicts if your baby is gonna be a boy or a girl!

Baby boy or girl prediction
graveyard death date

Death date

How long will you stay alive? What is going to be your date of death? Don't take this too seriously, but we will try to predict your death date!

Death date


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Play enjoyable fortune teller games to predict your future, love life, lucky number and much more predictions!