Fortune Cookie Quotes for Inspiration and history

Fortune Cookie Quotes for Inspiration and history

A fortune is a piece of paper with words of wisdom or a prophecy. The free fortune teller gives you these words of wisdom packaged in a Fortune Cookie. The message contained by the Fortune Cookie will not can't predict your future. But it will make you understand yourself better! And by knowing yourself you will know your future! The fortune teller helps to predict your future by offering you to consume this tasty Fortune Cookie online!

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History of fortunecookies

Want to know the story behind fortune cookie? There are several known stories surrounding the origin of the fortune cookie. Here you will find the story that is best known, about the cookie that contains a message on a small paper. You would expect it to originate in China, but that is not true. Back in the 19th century, there were stores in Japan (Kyoto) that sold a type of cracker that was folded in such a way that it could hold a paper with a message. The cookie had the name tsujiura senbei. Later, in the late 19th century, that idea was taken to California in the United States. At that time, the Japanese immigrant Makoto Hagiwara had a Japanese Tea Garden in which he served the cookie. Later there were even lawsuits to determine who really invented the cookie. David Jung was claimed to be the real inventor of the cookie, but the judges decided Makoto Hagiwara was the original inventor. David was the one who distributed the cookies in Los Angelos to the homeless out of pity. The cookies contained messages from the Bible.

The rules of Fortune cookies

Some rules have been devised if you want the special powers, or fortune of the fortune cookie to come true. Here are some important rules for fortune cookies

  • When the cookies are handed to you by someone in a bowl, grab the cookie farthest away from you
  • Eat the cookie completely
  • Take the cookie that is pointing towards you (see also the picture above)
  • You must not tear the piece of paper or the text on the cookie will not work for you. Some say you must eat the piece of paper with the cookie together, others say you must burn the cookie.
  • You must not reveal what is on the piece of paper, otherwise the prediction will not be true and it will not bring good luck.
  • Do not secretly look at the texts beforehand, so you can give the best fortune cookie to yourself. This also brings bad luck.
  • You should not give fortune cookies to yourself, you should always get them from someone else
  • Read the text on the paper after you eat the cookie (if you believe you may burn the paper later)
  • Sometimes a cookie contains multiple pieces of paper. Then you are out of luck, because the texts cancel each other's luck.
  • Sometimes a cookie contains no paper at all. Then you are just lucky, because that means something good will happen.

Can fortune cookies predict the future?

There have often been people who have eaten a fortune cookie in which the future was correctly predicted! What was written on the text inside the cookie turned out to be the truth! Unfortunately, fortune cookies cannot really predict the truth. However, it is often the case that there is an inspirational message on them. This message can certainly help you make your world a lot more positive in the future. So read what it says carefully and use it to your benefit!

Why do Chinese restaurants have fortune cookies

You definitely thought fortune cookies came from China? As you may have read above, that image is not correct. In fact, they come from Japan. After World War II, many Chinese restaurants appeared in the United States. However, these were not run by Chinese, but by Japanese! That was because there were many migrants from Japan in America at that time. They wanted to start a restaurant, but that which was so normal in Japanese restaurants: eating raw fish, was not really considered good food by the Americans. So hence they started a Chinese restaurant. There had to be something with coffee after dessert. That became the famous fortune cookies, with a nice message inside!

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