Tarot card meaning of the tower

Tarot card meaning of the tower

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The Tower

Tarot meaning

The tower is the sixteenth card of the tarot deck and symbolizes the loss of your securities. Things you feel certain about may fall away. This can be very frightening in the beginning, but you will find out that changes can be good and deliberating. The tower says losing something can make you uncertain, but there's place for new events and thoughts. Maybe you have outgrown the things you lost? Don't be afraid to drop something you're scrupulously hold on to.

Letting go  Uncertainty  Insecurity 
Changes  Deliberation 

Career tarot

Are you worried about your job? Changes at your company may make you insecure. What is going to happen. A reorganization or a new boss? Keep your mind under control, because you'll find out changes can be deliberating. Things will go better than they seem. If you are looking for a (new) career, try to let go of your certainties. Look for the uncertainty, something you haven't thought of or done before. Do it if you dare and beautiful things are in the offing!

Insecurity  Changes  Deliberation 

Love tarot

A person you love may have (or will) hurt your feelings. This may have impact on a relation that you were so certain of. Are you sure you haven't outgrown this relationship? Sometimes it can be a good thing to change a relation. Changes may be frightening, especially when it comes to persons you love. Eventually it'll lead to something good. A change can feel very deliberating to you. Also when you're a single person don't be afraid to change. Show your insecurities to the other person and you will be positively surprised!

Uncertainty  Insecurity  Changes 

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The Tower
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