Tarot card meaning of the sun

Tarot card meaning of the sun

Below you will find your tarot card of today. Use the advice wisely. Remember that you are in control of your own future. We wish you a very happy day!!

The Sun

Tarot meaning

The sun is the nineteenth card of the tarot deck. Like the name suggests, the sun symbolizes joy and happiness. The sun gives us warmth and the feeling of being reborn. Our deeper self tells us to overcome our dark side. Be creative and self-confident. If you are conscious of the capabilities you have you'll see that you can be very creative and accomplish difficult tasks successfully. Enjoy the sunny side in you.

Joy  Self-confidence  Creativity 
Sunny  Happiness 

Career tarot

You are in a very creative mood. Use this creativity in you assignments to get a perfect result! This is a period of self-confidence and self-consciousness. Which means you are able to work concentrated on your tasks. This will be seen by co-workers. After a period of hard work you can go on a well-deserved holiday! The sun stands for happiness and joy. This is also how you're feeling. You can use this feeling when applying to job vacancies to be successful.

Joy  Self-confidence  Creativity 

Love tarot

Enjoy this period of being together. You and your partner are on the same level. The sun symbolizes joy, sunny times, being happy. This is also how your relationship is at the moment. You may have the feeling to go for the next step in your relationship and give your unqualified love to each other. For single people there's a big chance to meet the love of your life on a holiday. Show that person your adult side.

Joy  Sunny  Happiness 

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The Sun
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