Tarot card meaning of the hanged man

Tarot card meaning of the hanged man

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The Hanged Man

Tarot meaning

The hanged man is the twelfth card of the tarot deck and symbolizes a period of being stuck. Stuck in your relationship or stuck in your job. You might feel like every event is slowing down. This is annoying and cumbersome. Don't try to force things into change, because the harder you try, the less will happen. The trick is to look at things differently. If you look at problems in a different way, you might find a solution.

Stuck  Don't force 
Think different  Be patient 

Career tarot

You probably have a feeling that you're stuck in your career, or stuck in your search for a job. It mainly concerns small, annoying and slowing events. Although you can get frustrated about it, remember that it's no use to obstinately continue with your behavior. If you try to force things this will only work against you. Try to look at things differently. Did you make the right decision? If you are able to look at problems in a different way you might solve them!

Stuck  Don't force  Think different 

Love tarot

If you're in a relationship you might feel it crashes. There might be some problems. The only way this relationship is able to survive is if you try to look at these problems in a different way. It's no use trying to force the situation. Be patient and think different. For single people this is not a good time to look for a relationship. Your efforts will not be rewarded at this time. Be patient.

Stuck  Think different  Be patient 

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The Hanged Man
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