Below you will find your tarot card of today. Use the advice wisely. Remember that you are in control of your own future. We wish you a very happy day!!

The High Priestess

The high priestess is the second card in the tarot deck. She stands for unconscious power, intuition and trust in life! Listen to your dreams. The high priestess symbolizes unconscious images. In relation she stands for understanding and affection. Intimacy and congeniality is very important to her.

Patience Inner voice Receptive mind Intimacy 
Dreams Understanding Hidden connection 

If you are looking for new career options or if you are looking for a career, be patient! New opportunities will come in time. You have to trust on your inner voice. Listen to what it says and follow your heart. Be receptive for your mind!

Patience Inner voice Receptive mind 

If you are looking for a relationship, you are looking for intimacy, a real soul mate! Listen to what your dreams say. Unconscious images will show you the person you are looking for! In a relationship, you are looking for understanding and affection. At all times, you are searching for a hidden connection between you and your partner that has a deeper meaning.

Intimacy Dreams Understanding Hidden connection 

The High Priestess
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